The Swordfishery in Tasmania is in its infancy but has already claimed many Australian records and is set to become Australia's swordfishing Capital. The average fish range is size from 100 - 300kg but larger specimens inhabit the deep feeding grounds beyond the Continental shelf, over the Continental Slope.

Contrary to what some believe are a migratory fish, swordfish are available most of the year round with the peak season appearing to be February, March and April when the available bait species also peak.

Fishing for swords is most effective during daylight hours with the baits dropped down deep in 500 - 600m depths.
Day trips are available departing at 7am and returning around 4pm but are very much weather dependant on the day so it is advisable to spend a few days in the area and a case of picking the weather conditions to suit.

Being a specific specialised charter Booking, the number of anglers is reduced to groups of 1 - 4 persons and the cost is $1600.00 per day. All fishing gear is supplied but anglers have to bring their own food and drink.