Sport Fishing

Light Tackle Sport Fishing for smaller gamefish species such as Albacore and Striped Tuna provides plenty of constant action. Small school sized Bluefin and Yellowfin are excellent sportfish on light gear, with their tough fighting qualities, they test the skill of the angler.
Other less prolific species include Yellowtail kingfish, Butterly Mackeral and Slender tuna which are also captured in these waters on occasions.
To customize your sportfishing experience, we can offer light tackle in any line class categories, from 3kg - 15kg breaking strains. All tackle is top quality, and we use only pretested line spooled on lever drag reels.

 Light Tackle Sportfish 
Light  Tackle Sportfish img1 A nice 17kg Albacore captured on light tackle.
Light  Tackle Sportfish img2A solid Albacore taken on a Shimano lever drag reel, spooled with 10kg line.
Light  Tackle Sportfish img3Small Yellowfin Tuna and Albacore provide plenty of action on light tackle outfits.