Scenic Coastal Tours

Doongara Charters offer Scenic Tours of the magnificent coastline around the Tasman Peninsula area. Departing from Pirates Bay at Eaglehawk Neck, view coastal features such as The Blowhole, Tasmans Arch, Waterfall Bay, Hippolyte Rocks, Cape Huay and Cape Pillar, along with the lighthouse on Tasman Island which stands 276m above sea level. This stunning coastal region has some of the highest sea cliffs in the Southern hemisphere. These towering cliffs along with the unspoiled wilderness make the perfect backdrop for the regions pristine marine environment.

 Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Area 
Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Area img1 Part of the beautiful coastline near Pirates Bay, Eaglehawk Neck
Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Area img2The famous fishing hot spot, "Hippolyte Rock", approximately 8km South of Pirates Bay. The Rock is home to seals and a variety of sea birds.
Eaglehawk Neck Coastal Area img3Towering Sea cliffs at Cape Pillar near Tasman Island.