Reef Fishing

Inshore coastal reef fishing is a relaxing and fun experience fishing in clear blue waters with scenic surrounds.
Fishing for prolific species such as Morwong, Ocean Perch and Flathead, these scalefish are all excellent eating fish and are available all year round.
There is a vast number of reefs and formations along the coastline which are productive for these species, as well as large Tiger Flathead available over the sandy bottom during Spring-Summer months.
We provide all the necessary tackle, bait and equipment using boat rods matched with quality spinning reels for this type of fishing.
All fish retained for eating are cleaned and bagged on departure.

 Inshore Reef Fish 
Inshore Reef Fish img1 Sand Flathead and Tiger Flathead like this one are available inshore using bait. The Tiger flathead are more commonly taken during late Spring and summer months.
Inshore Reef Fish img2Morwong are captured around inshore formations. These small reef fish are great eating, are easily caught, and can be fun fishing for all the family.
Inshore Reef Fish img3Morwong being landed over inshore reef.