Marine Life

View marine life and mammals including birds, seals, dolphins and whales in season. Bird watching offers a large range of Albatross, petrels, gulls and a variety of sea birds. View seals in the water and visit seal colonies and haul-outs, as well as dolphins and migrating whales visiting the area in season.

 Marine Life and Mammals 
Marine Life and Mammals img1 Large Wandering Albatross. This type of Albatross has the largest span of any sea bird and can span up to 3.5 metres.
Marine Life and Mammals img2Humpback whale putting on a show near Waterfall Bay, Eaglehawk Neck. Cape Hauy and the "Lanterns" can been seen in the background. These whales are migratory and can often be viewed, along with Southern Right Whales generally during Spring and Autumn months.
Marine Life and Mammals img3Killer Whales are sometimes encountered offshore and recently this one was spotted inshore cruising around Pirates Bay only a few hundred yards from the beach.