Game Fishing

Gamefishing off Eaglehawk Neck in Tasmania is famous for its prized large Southern Bluefin Tuna, as well as Yellowfin, Mako Sharks, Albacore and the occasional Striped Marlin.

The big Tuna, Sharks and Marlin are worthy opponents for any angler, and provide lots of exciting fishing. The action is world class and the fishing grounds are close, ranging from inshore out to the Continental shelf, only 8nm East of the Hippolite Rocks. This gives you plenty of fishing time to experience the action.
For these big fish, we use heavier line class tackle in the 24 and 37kg categories, using top quality lever drag game reels and pretested line. We have a huge range of rigged lures and provide all the necessary fighting equipment and gear.

Eaglehawk Neck is Tasmania's premier hotspot for gamefishing and Doongara Fishing Charters will put you amongst the action.

 Gamefish Gallery 
Gamefish Gallery img1 Large Tasmanian Southern Bluefin Tuna. These big Bluefin frequent these waters and experienced anglers come from all over the world to experience the opportunity to do battle with one of these big prized tuna. This fish is around 100kg and was taken at Hippolyte Rocks.
Gamefish Gallery img2Even experienced anglers have their work cut out engaging in battle with one of these big fish. Having top quality gear in tip top condition is really necessary. A fight with these fish can last many hours and puts great strain on all equipment.

This fish is a large Southern Bluefin tuna weighing in just under 120kg, pictured with owner/skipper Scott Johnston.
Gamefish Gallery img3Two Big Yellowfin Tuna taken at Hippolyte Rocks. The large rock and reef formations are a favourite feeding ground for all tuna species. These fish were taken on 24kg breaking strain line and proved to be a handfull with the fish on the right putting up a 4 hour and 10 minute battle before being finally landed.

The area is well known for its monster sized Bluefin, as well as massive Mako Sharks and big Yellowfin Tuna. Albacore and Striped Tuna are abundant and attract the occasional Striped Marlin. The area is rich in baitfish schools providing the perfect feeding ground for these big predator species.