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Some recent snapshots from previous charters and fishing trips. There are heaps of photographs here to view. Just click on the thumbnails to view more photos in full size.
 Gallery 2 - Yellowfin 
Gallery 2 - Yellowfin img1 Catch of Yellowfin Tuna and Albacore taken by a charter group in February 2006. Constant Strikes and multiple hook ups provided plenty of action through out the day.
Gallery 2 - Yellowfin img2Three Yellowfin Tuna captured after a multiple hook up of four fish on plastic trolling lures.
These school sized fish are hard fighting and make excellent sportfish. The fish here were retained and bled on capture ensuring the flesh was of the highest quality.
Gallery 2 - Yellowfin img3Another Golden Yellowfin Tuna taken at the back of Hippolyte Rock.