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Some recent snapshots from previous charters and fishing trips. There are heaps of photographs here to view. Just click on the thumbnails to view more photos in full size.
 Gallery 1- Albacore Tuna 
Gallery 1- Albacore Tuna img1 Small Albacore Tuna captured on light line. Albacore are prolific in the area from January through to April. These fish range from 2.5kg up to around 25kg in weight, with fish around the 15 - 20kg size quite common.
Gallery 1- Albacore Tuna img2Another catch of Albacore. Fish which are retained are bled on capture and make great eating. They are commonly referred to as "chicken of the sea". Unwanted fish are carefully released.
Gallery 1- Albacore Tuna img3A Happy angler with a solid Albacore captured on a sportfishing charter. These fish are in excellent condition due to the amount of baitfish and feed in the area which the Albacore actively chase and feed on.