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Some recent snapshots from previous charters and fishing trips. There are heaps of photographs here to view. Just click on the thumbnails to view more photos in full size.
 Big Blues May 2009 
Big Blues May 2009 img1 "Doongara" Deck Assistant "Matthew Rose" with a Big Southern Bluefin Tuna captured at Hipployte Rock during May 2009. This was one of two fish hooked while trolling around a school of baitfish these big predators were feeding on just south of the rocks.
Big Blues May 2009 img2Owner and Skipper "Scott Johnston" with the Bluefin being weighed at Pirates Bay. The fish went 97kg and was captured on 37kg line using a Meridean Demon lure.
Big Blues May 2009 img3Deck Assistant "Matthew Rose" with the fish hanging on the scales. These Big fish take a lot of hard work even at the gaffing stage of the fight and take quite a bit of lifting over the side once the gaffs have been set.