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Some recent snapshots from previous charters and fishing trips. There are heaps of photographs here to view. Just click on the thumbnails to view more photos in full size.
 Heart Breaking Blues 
Heart Breaking Blues img1 May 9th 2007. After a successful day catching small school Bluefin, we were only half a mile from home when three rods let out a huge scream. With line peeling off at an alarming rate,the reels were being completely spooled in seconds. We had three bluefin hooked up all well over 100kg. After one dropping the hook and a second fish breaking off we had only one left hooked up. Picture shows our angler at the start of his 4 hour marathon battle which lasted into the night.
Heart Breaking Blues img2The sun setting to our west as we chase the large bluefin still hooked up. The fish took us 8 nautical mile to seaward searching for deeper water to make our fight even more difficult. With the dark setting in the task was going to be tough anyway.
Heart Breaking Blues img3Still playing the fish in the dark. With the wind increasing and the night sky pitch black, seeing the line and chasing down the fish was now going to require a lot of luck which unfortunately didnt come our way. The fish was lost after 4 hours of battle, and was a real heart breaker leaving an empty feeling in everyones stomach.