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Some recent snapshots from previous charters and fishing trips. There are heaps of photographs here to view. Just click on the thumbnails to view more photos in full size.
 Bluefin April 2007 
Bluefin April 2007 img1 The Southern Bluefin Tuna have arrived, and for these anglers, Saturday 28th April 2007 proved to be a real screamer. School sized Bluefin were consistantly hooked through out the day. Most fish were in the 15 - 20kg category, but on the light gear they were still tough going. Here we see Darren Bennett hooked up to a Bluefin on 10kg line.
Bluefin April 2007 img2Bluefin Tuna on the deck. These fish were taken on light line and were retained. Most of the Bluefin captured were released.
Bluefin April 2007 img3Angler Peter Roberts taking his turn on the reel. This hook up occurred over the Continental Shelf where the Bluefin were mixed in with a school of Albacore.