Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing off Tasman Island or on the Continental shelf for high quality table fish including Tasmanian Striped Trumpeter, Morwong (locally known as Deep Sea Perch), and Coral Perch. The occasional Hapuku, Blue Eye and Rays Bream have also been captured but are generally not specifically targeted. Large Tiger Flathead are also taken around the edges of offshore reefs.

We provide all the necessary gear, using the highest quality deck winches available. All terminal tackle and rigs are supplied, along with bait. The catch can be kept live in our wet well, keeping the catch fresh. Fish which are retained are cleaned and bagged for your convenience.
Deep Sea Fishing is available all year round, with the best eating fish on offer.

 Deep Sea Bottom Fish 
Deep Sea Bottom Fish img1 Tasmanian Trumpeter or Striped Trumpeter captured on the edge of the continental shelf. These fish can reach a weight of up to 30kg, and are much sought after as they are a delicious eating fish.
Deep Sea Bottom Fish img2Another Striped Trumpeter captured on the continental shelf, East of Pirates Bay.
Deep Sea Bottom Fish img3Striped Trumpeter captured in water depths of 140 to 180m on the Continental Shelf. The fish out here average around 4 - 8kg but larger fish over 20kg are often captured.